Funerals and Memorial Mass

While a funeral or a memorial Mass is not a sacrament, it does celebrate the life of a person and it provides the opportunity to give thanks for the gift of their presence in our lives and rejoices in the eternal life risen Christ offers to us all.

At Holy Spirit we want to ensure that each person’s life is celebrated appropriately and we uphold their dignity while at the same time respecting the rites of the Church.


Our parish priest is available to meet to make preparations for ones passing, or to assist the family with the selection of readings, order of Mass etc. Generally the appointed funeral director will liaise with the parish regarding timing, order of service booklets and, musicians, however the parish office is always willing to provide any required information and support to the family.    

Memorial Mass

Often a family will celebrate a loved one’s life with a memorial Mass 1 month after their passing, on the anniversary of their passing or at some significant time period after they have passed. Arrangements can be made directly with the priest or the parish office can also be contacted. 

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