Seven Sacraments

The Catholic Church recognises seven Sacraments being

  1. Baptism
  2. Reconciliation (Penance)        - Part of the Sacramental Program
  3. Confirmation                           - Part of the Sacramental Program
  4. Holy Communion (Eucharist)   - Part of the Sacramental Program
  5. Matrimony
  6. Anointing of the Sick and
  7. Holy Orders

This means that Holy Spirit Church is one of the places that we meet for some of the most significant changes along our life’s journey.   It might be for the baptism of our new born, the wedding of our young lovers, our normal Sunday Mass or for the funeral rites of someone that we have known and loved.   It is with a great sense of awe at the gift of life that we gather and remember with thanksgiving and pray the prayers of the Church. 

Refer to other sections on this page for information about the individual sacraments.

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