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Our Parish School

  • New Farm's origins began with the convict days of Brisbane colony when the area was used to cultivate potatoes, maize and pumpkins. Hence the area became known as the new farm and ultimately New Farm. With the first buildings appearing in New Farm in 1847, 1923, saw New Farm gain a house on the land where the school now stands that was used as a Mass centre. In
    Holy Spirit Church was opened on June 1st 1930, with the school being established on July 7th of the same year.

  • Under the guidance of foundation Principal was Sr Mary Benigna, a Sister of Mercy, the school operated in the old mass centre until 1937 when the existing building was erected to replace the old building. The cost was four thousand pounds and paid for by the generosity of the parish and anonymous donors.

  • The building which stands today was blessed and opened by Archbishop Duhig. "A large and distinguished gathering assembled and amongst the guests was His Lordship the Administrator-Apostolic of Kimberley, who delivered an inspiring address to the people" (The Catholic Leader, Sept 30, 1937)

  •  The school operated out of a single two-storey wing until 1959 when enrolments climbed. Extensions were made in 1959 when the ground floor level, which runs parallel to Villiers Street, was constructed to house 4 new classrooms.

  • The hall was opened in 1966 as a memorial hall. The convent was opened in 1970.

  • In November 1984 the library and library annex was opened and named after the librarian Sr Rosita Williams.

  • A demountable was moved onto site to accommodate the library and was later used to set up the outside of school hours care program - one of the first in Queensland.

  • In 2010 the library was extended and the hall and tennis court underwent extensive refurbishment.

  • In 2012 two new classrooms were built under the existing Prep classrooms to accommodate increasing enrolments. Future building works are planned to build more classrooms to accommodate the families that want their children to come to Holy Spirit School.

  • The school now has enrolments of over 280 and has a thriving school community. One of the highlights on the New Farm biennial calendar is the Holy Spirit Fete which attracted visitors not just from the school community, but from all of New Farm and the surrounding areas.  


About our Community


Wiser People

In May, 2015 Fr Nacho proposed the concept of starting a group that would be responsible for organising social outings and events for the WISER PEOPLE. Initially this will occur on a monthly basis. The objective is to encourage parishioners to socialise with a cup of tea or an outing.

Further, at the gatherings the group plan future social and religious activities, as well as celebrating birthdays and anniversaries of marriage and of ordination

Children’s Liturgy

Every Sunday during the Sunday 9.30 am Mass children’s liturgy occurs. Children stay in church for opening prayer after which they move forward to the altar to receive a blessing from the priest. They are then led outside by a number of assisting parents to listen to the gospel of the day, discuss the reading, lead the intercessions, and then participate in a craft or theatre activity. After returning to the church before communion, they then come forward before closing prayer and present to the parishioners what they have learnt in some form of presentation (reading, song or play). All parish children love to participate in the liturgy and are encouraged to do so.

Family Mass

Occurs on the 3rd Sunday of every month excluding school holiday periods. At this 9.30 am Mass, children are encouraged to participate in the Mass by reading the first reading and responsorial Psalm, second reading and Gospel Acclamation, Prayers of the faithful or lead the offertory procession.  This is a good way for children that have completed the Sacramental Programme and may prefer to stay in church rather than participate in the Children’s’ Liturgy to become involved in the Mass. If you would like to register your child for Family Mass, please email the parish on Newfarm@bne.catholic.net.au

Being a Parish Member - Ways to Contribute

In order to become a member of the Holy Spirit Community, there is a plethora of ways the parish can be assisted by your time or talent. These include;

Parish Groups

 There are a number of parish groups that provide specific guidance to assist the parish priest, that you could become a member of - being;

1. Pastoral Council

The Mission of the parish Pastoral Council is “To be a Christ-centred community, Living in the love of the Holy Spirit, and extending the love of Jesus to all people we meet.”

It seeks to;

  • To promote the Church’s mission to live and communicate the love and values of Christ in the world.

  • Enrich the quality of parish life;

  • Provide opportunities for parishioners to grow in holinessand to discover and live out a personal and community call to mission;

  •  search out and respond to the hopes and needs of the parishioners;

  • Set short-term and long-term pastoral goals for the parish.

2. Parish Liturgy Committee

The parish Liturgy Committee is responsible for the liturgical life of the parish; the preparation, coordination and evaluation of the weekend masses and other celebrations.

They discuss long term planning in terms of the RCIA and the Sacramental program. They evaluate the way feasts were celebrated and discuss how they can be improved. We collaborate with other groups to enhance the life of the parish, in particular, the Parish Council and Holy Spirit School. We also address any concerns parishioners have about our masses. We want everyone in our parish to participate fully, consciously and actively during our masses.

The committee that meets monthly doesn’t work alone and we would like to thank others who contribute the coordination of the masses. Denise Robinson, who coordinates the readers and Eucharistic ministers each week, Patricia Kelly who chooses the hymns and Jan Webster for coordinating the week day Masses.

3. Finance Council

The finance committee reviews all the business decisions made by the parish and offers guidance to assist the parish priest. The committee is generally made up with people with business, legal or financial experience. Office holders are the chairperson and the Secretary. This group meets monthly on the 3rd Thursday.

Building Sub-Committee - This is a sub-committee of the Finance Council and was formed in 2015 to assist the finance committee in providing advice to the parish priest on matters relating to general repairs and maintenance, significant restoration work, strategic planning regarding building improvements and insurance related issues. The skills generally sought for this committee include architecture, surveyor, builder, interior designers and valuer.

Other Ways to Assist

There are weekly commitments that you can be periodically rostered on for including;

  • Junior Altar Server (supported by adult with a blue card)
  • Altar Server
  • Reader
  • Offertory
  • Communion Minister
  • Mass set up
  • Counter
  • Wash Altar Linen
  • Create power point presentations for weekend Masses
  • Develop Newsletters
  • Manage remote control for Powerpoints during Mass
  • Assist with morning tea on Family Mass

Attached is a Time/Talent registration sheet that you are welcome to download, complete and return to the parish office at Newfarm@bne.catholic.net.au

Planned Giving

  • While the parish cannot do without its much cherished volunteers, the only way the parish pays for its running costs is through the generous financial donations of its parishioners. From altar supplies, salaries and substantial repairs and maintenance costs associated with an aging building to insurance, telephone, power and water every cost associated with operating the parish is funded by parishioners with the Archdiocese taking a percentage of all funds received to fund new priests, retired priest and general administration and business support they provide the parish.

  • People can give either by Direct debit, Credit card (processed monthly) or a weekly envelop system.

  • Attached is planned giving registration sheet that you are welcome to download, complete and return to the parish office at Newfarm@bne.catholic.net.au

Please note, at times our parish priest will be asked to offer a reference or sign a statement of involvement for children attempting to gain entry into secondary schools.  It is impossible for him to provide any reference that outlines a person or families contribution to the parish unless this person/family is a member of the parish and is known to the person requesting the refrence. Refer above for opportunities in becoming a parishioner.